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Close Your Real Estate Transaction With Confidence

In New York City’s dynamic residential real estate market, it takes more than an eye for a good deal to turn a profit or buy the home of your dreams. You also need to avoid making costly mistakes that can derail the transaction or jeopardize your financial future.

Hiring a knowledgeable real estate attorney can help you address issues that arise during a transaction and close your deal with confidence. Whether this is your first real estate transaction or one of many, you can depend on Daniels Norelli Cecere & Tavel P.C. to protect your rights as we guide you through this process. We have decades of experience with real estate legal matters that we are ready to put to work for you.

Looking Out For Your Interests At Your Closing

Few New Yorkers try to navigate the real estate market without a realtor who knows the ins and outs of the industry and residential listings. You should exercise the same caution when you are contemplating engaging in a real estate deal. Our real estate attorneys are intimately familiar with the laws that govern these transactions and legal pitfalls that can prove costly if they aren’t avoided.

When you retain us to assist at your closing, we can take steps to protect your current and long-term interests before you close your deal. We provide a range of closing services, including:

Reviewing contracts and home inspection documents

Conducting title searches
Leading negotiations in the event that a title search reveals a problem
Filing documents with the proper local and state agency
Purchasing and selling property can be an exciting event; however, you should not let your enthusiasm for this moment prevent you from noticing the flaws in the arrangement or the property itself. As your advocate, we will give you an honest assessment of your options before you sign a contract that you regret years down the road.

We have helped countless clients throughout Queens and Nassau counties buy and sell condominiums, cooperatives and other types of residential property. We are ready to assist you, too.

Talk To Us Before You Sign An Agreement

We offer reasonable rates for our services. Learn more about our team and what we can do for you during your free initial consultation. Arrange your appointment with a lawyer at our firm by calling us at 347-941-0443 or sending us an email.

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