Helping You Prove Kinship In Probate Cases

Proving kinship is a complex area of probate litigation and disputes, and often results in very contentious cases. Few lawyers have the experience and knowledge to take these cases and handle them properly.

However, you can trust your case to our legal team at Daniels Norelli Cecere & Tavel P.C. We have considerable experience with kinship and cousin cases, often receiving referrals from other attorneys who need our attorneys’ assistance in these situations. Our experience with kinship cases even includes taking cases and New York City Surrogate’s Court personnel to other countries to depose witnesses. Please speak with us today about your case to learn how we can help.

  1. Have You Lost A Loved One While Living Out Of State?
  2. Proving Kinship For Cousins And Disproving Prior Classes
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Have You Lost A Loved One While Living Out Of State?

In addition to advocating for clients in New York, our firm has assisted many heirs who live in another state or another country entirely. If your loved one dies intestate (without a will) in New York while you are living in another state or country, you may need to take added efforts to prove kinship in order to receive your share of the estate.

We work with genealogists to locate and examine all birth, death and marriage records. We also interview witnesses and potential heirs to determine the full story and present the best argument before the court for your relation to your loved one. When your rights and your inheritance are on the line, we dedicate our decades of experience to advocating for your case.

Proving Kinship For Cousins And Disproving Prior Classes

In New York, when an individual dies intestate, the Surrogate’s Court will try to distribute the assets to surviving family members. If the deceased had no living spouse, children, siblings, parents, grandparents, nieces or nephews, then cousins may inherit the estate.

Before a cousin can become an heir, kinship must be proved. But in addition to proving the bloodline, you must disprove prior classes of relatives. Disproving prior classes – or the existence of a spouse, children, siblings, etc. – is a critical aspect of kinship proceedings. We understand this process and have the experience to execute it correctly. You can also rely on our trial attorneys’ skills if the case is contested.

Contact Our Law Firm

We can represent either side in kinship cases: the cousin or the opposing party. To schedule a free, 30-minute consultation in either Queens or Nassau County, please call 347-941-0443 . You may also contact us online

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